About Us

Norwich Partners is a Florida based developer of and investor in commercial real estate, primarily hotels in the northeastern U.S. and Florida. Norwich Partners is regarded as one of the top hotel developers in the United States. Norwich and its associates have been nominated and/or won numerous awards including Marriott's Inner Circle Award, Marriott's Horizon Award, Design of the Year, General Manager of the Year, Opening Hotel of the Year, Renovation of the Year and USA Today Reader's Choice Best New Hotel, as well as a multiple winner of Marriott's Platinum Award. Norwich Partners was founded and capitalized in 2003, formalizing a long-standing business relationship between three-founding members.

Mission Statement

Norwich Partners seeks to invest its substantial capital in top quality and often unique real estate opportunities offering superior risk adjusted return opportunities for investors, founding members and any joint venture partners. At the same time, both through our projects and personal endeavors, we place an emphasis on giving back to our communities by contributing time, money and expertise to various philanthropic organizations, especially children's charities.

Our primary focus is on branded hotel opportunities in the northeast and Florida. Quality relationships within our company, with industry leaders and within our communities are the core of our business philosophy; we continue to seek out and cultivate strong relationships in order to uncover and quickly capitalize on superior investment opportunities.

Competitive Advantage